At Epistemo, we underscore the importance of providing a safe and reliable source of commute for our students to reach school and back home in a timely, secure and comfortable manner. We have students coming to attend our school from different parts of the city, making it essential to assure a good transport system that can accommodate the daily travel needs of children coming from different areas.

We own a fleet of well-maintained buses that are equipped with the latest communication devices to keep the parents and school well-informed about the location of buses during the travel hours. Every bus is allotted a well-qualified driver and a caretaker who ensures the safety of all the students in transit. Additionally, teachers are also encouraged to commute on a school bus to assure that safety guidelines are followed by the student while travelling on a bus.

Objectives of transportation:

  • Providing safe transportation to and from the school
  • Make safety a priority for students
  • Planning and providing transportation services efficiently and economically
  • Maintain quality transportation equipment and vehicles
  • Adhering to safety guidelines and recommendations
  • Working effectively with students and parents to provide a dependable source for a commute.