Epistemo strives to create a positive and nurturing atmosphere where its learners are encouraged to be inquisitive and think independently. We have adopted creative teaching and learning methodologies to help learners understand concepts easily and not feel stressed.

Every student is distinct, has a different strength, different aptitude for learning, and needs a different kind of support to meet their individual needs. At Epistemo, we understand this and have devised different programs to meet the needs of pupils who are lagging behind, students who are advanced and ones with learning difficulties to ensure every child is brought at par with their learning capabilities.

We have in-house counsellors to support students who are struggling and not able to perform at par with their peers. Constructive feedback from coaches and after-school classes are designed to give students a better understanding of subjects in which they are lagging behind and help them come at par with other classmates.

Epistemo provides enhancement programme for learners who have an innate aptitude in an intellectual, creative or artistic field and provide opportunities in response to their articulated needs and aptitude. Gifted learners, are quick learners and can easily comprehend and recall content that is advanced for their age. These advance learners need rapid instructional pace to satiate their appetite for learning. They need learning experiences that are rich, hence we provide them with programs that are more intricate, abstract, and multi-faceted than their peers for them to achieve their depth of understanding and help them reach their fullest potential and prevent possible underachievement.

Children with learning difficulties often are misinterpreted as being lazy, and a delay in diagnosis can lead to academic struggle. If there are no interventions from the teacher, they might lose interest in studies due to constant failure. Most of the kids with learning disabilities are often as smart as their peer but require instruction tailored to their unique learning style. Epistemo understands this and its in-house remedial counselling unit helps children not only by tailoring their learning to match their areas of strength and weakness but also by providing them timely and consistent feedback.


  • To focus on the success of every student
  • In-house counsellor assists students to come at par with their learning capabilities
  • Enhancement programme help students to reach their full potential