A Library is not just a vault of the best books, but a place that arouses curiosity and innovation in learners. It is an integral part of a student’s learning process as it equips them with much-required skills to progress in this technologically, economically and socially advanced world. It is a place where collaborative learning, creativity, research and information literacy skills are developed and polished. Recognising the eminence of the library in shaping the future of the kids, we have dedicated time, energy and resources to provide Knowledge Gym (GYM) for benefit of our students. Our assortment of books is a treasure trove that welcomes diverse readers of different age groups to quench their thirst for knowledge. It has a vast collection of books on literature, languages, magazines, journal, and reference books. Additionally, it also houses an exclusive collection of premium works of acclaimed writers.  Digital zones for exploration and research are a major attraction. We aim to provide students with access to a plethora of information that can build their knowledge and help them think deeply.


  • To provide a source of quality information.
  • A place for learning and discover.
  • Instils love for books.
  • Use it as a source of mental stimulation