Best International High School in Hyderabad

At Epistemo Vikas Leadership International High School, the learning objectives of the CBSE board are successfully combined with our philosophy of focusing on our students and their learning needs. The uniqueness of our course lies in its flexibility to upgrade with changes in the field of education.

The shift from a theme-based approach to a more specializes and focused understanding of concepts in varied disciplines helps students of middle school entering high school gain insights into their areas of interest.

The curriculum followed at this stage is innovative and experimental to captivate the student and stimulate learning. Several value-added programmes form the part of the regular course to ignite the students’ intellectual curiosity.

CBSE has regularly instituted reforms in examinations and evaluation practices. As per Board guidelines, the prime focus of our curriculum is to innovate best teaching-learning methodologies by developing paradigms that are conducive for students. Thus, the assessments ensure that our students are never over-burdened.

Students will be assessed periodically using creative assessment tools in all subjects to gauze their different levels of comprehension.