Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony 2019-20 for conferring the newly appointed members of the prefect council and school body with the badge of office, was held on Saturday, 22 June at the school auditorium.
It was an occasion for the students to re-affirm our commitment to the school and renew their vows to serve the alma mater with complete dedication, as a new crop of leaders take over the mantle .
The ceremony got off to a good start with the prefect council welcoming and escorting the guest of honor, Dr. Gautham Kumar, Founder, Serve Needy Voluntary organisation and other dignitaries to the podium in a ceremonial march.
The program began with the school song, followed by the investiture ceremony, where the office bearers were conferred with the badge, sash and flag of office. The chief guest and dignitaries took the salute of the school platoon and the Houses in the march past that followed the Oath taking.
Principal Ms. Hema Surapaneni addressed the students on the occasion, congratulating them on putting up a splendid show, despite last minute glitches and changes in the venue. She also stressed on the importance of leaders being humble and ready to take on assigned responsibilities without regrets or misgivings, as it was a great opportunity for all the members to learn leadership and life-skills. She advised the school council to take onus and charge of all the activities and events in the coming school year.
Dr. Gautham Kumar, renowned social reformer and founder of Serve Needy addressed the students, and talked about the need for students to join hands to serve society. Serve Needy Foundation is a registered NGO working to make India a hunger-free country. Their massive feeding program called Anna Data caters to thousands of marginalised poor and homeless people supporting them with food, shelter and medical care. Mr. Gautham implored the students and school leaders to act as role models and serve the country by working in service of others.
Mr. Konda Vijay, founder of Hope Foundation also addressed the students on the occasion. The program ended with the vote of thanks by Head girl Smrithika followed by the National anthem.