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“Competition make us sharper; collaboration makes us better”

The Epistemo Vikas Leadership International’s House system is of great importance to school life. Its function is to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among students and encourage it within the school. The Inter-house activities give all students ample opportunity to participate in various sports, music and other co-curricular activities with the aim of raising self-esteem, developing self-confidence and realising leadership skills and coordination skills to participate as a team. The House system aims to reflect the philosophy of the school and builds a sense of bonding.

The House system allows every student and member of staff to feel a sense of belonging. At Epistemo Vikas Leadership International School the four proud Houses are grouped under the eminent names of Archimedes (Green), Odysseus (Orange), Pythagoras (Blue) and Socrates (Yellow). By being a member of the House, students and staff are encouraged to show team spirit as all of the Houses thrive on the ethos of “playing your part”. Each student has coloured streaks on their schoolhouse T-shirt that represents the House that they are in.

There are many House events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House in various activities that they enjoy, compete and learn.

Below is a list of events that have run during this year or that we hope to include for the next academic year. (school calendar)


  • Fostering a social school culture
  • Introducing a varied cultural programme
  • Encouraging a healthy competitive environment
  • Encouraging multi-level participation
  • Develop leadership and sportsmanship skills
  • Develop unity and a healthy spirit of competitions


The four names chosen are all linked to each other and merge well with the philosophy of the school. The names of the house Archimedes, Odysseys, Pythagoras and Socrates names represent certain qualities & attributes of these iconic figures.