“Competition make us sharper; collaboration makes us better”


“Competition makes us sharper; collaboration makes us better” is what we strongly believe in.  While we highlight that competition brings out the best in children we also believe that a task done through collaboration yields more productive results. Competition instils a sense of achievement in our young learners and boosts their confidence. And collaboration infuses a sense of belongingness among the teammates.

At Epistemo, the house system holds great eminence and are fabricated with an objective to inculcate the spirit of competition, teamwork and sportsmanship among our learners.  Four different houses are wisely chosen to depict potentials and skills of four iconic Greek philosophers -Archimedes, Odysseus, Pythagoras and Socrates. Their unique talents epitomise different houses and truly represents our schools. We organise several house event throughout the year to provide ample opportunities for our pupils to participate and represent their house while polishing their leadership and collaborative skills. These events are a great platform for students to learn and compete while having fun at the same time.


  •    Introducing a varied cultural programme
  •    Encouraging a healthy competitive environment
  •    Cultivate leadership and sportsmanship skills
  •    Promote unity and a healthy spirit of competitions
  •    Improves teamwork and collaboration
  •    Promotes social and emotional learning
  •    Fosters Intrinsic motivation

School Houses

  •    Archimedes (Green)
  •    Odysseus (Orange)
  •    Pythagoras (Blue)
  •    Socrates (Yellow).