Civic Education is critical and students should be involved in their community rather than being apathetic. We have taken up programs like a weekend workshop, Active Citizenship, Club membership and library to help our student build their civic knowledge and understand their role as active citizens.

Green School

Epistemo took up the initiative to be a green school to promote global sustainability in every possible way. We have undertaken several projects like zero plastic campus, zero wastage campus, self-sustainable campus, organic living and rainwater harvesting. We have made an effort to create a healthy environment conducive to learning while saving energy, environmental resources and money. Setting example for students by designing a learning experience that will prepare them to lead a healthier, cleanlier, more sustainable future.

Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship is a program where we are working to educate people and encourage them to actively participate in our noble endeavour to make social changes to our community. We have undertaken several developmental projects like zero plastic campus, solar energy, rainwater harvesting, organic living and self-sustainable campus to actively contribute to our community. We hope to create a voluntary network where our staff, parents and our students can be actively involved to resolve these issues in their own small way, supporting a healthy and secure life on Earth.

Fellowship program

Fellowship program is an initiative taken to support a noble cause. Through this program, Epistemo extends financial aids to meritorious students, who are not able to support their education. An evaluation test with transcript verification is undertaken to award academic grants to the most deserving learners for further education.

Club Membership

To shape personal interests and spend free time productively our children engage in many Epistemo club activities. These clubs nurture your talent, perfects your skills and develop confidence and give opportunities for invaluable social development by providing a wider platform to interact in building formal and informal networks while exploring your own abilities. Be a part of this enriching experience to explore and learn.  Through Club Membership we give access to our sports facilities to the people living in neighbouring societies. Cricket, volleyball, throw ball, football, table tennis, chess, swimming, athletics, yoga, taekwondo, basketball and carom are some of the sport activities that can be enjoyed.


Epistemo library is not just a vault of the best books stocked, rather it is a place for people from all the walks of life to quench their thirst for knowledge. Our vast collection of books is a treasure trove for various readers. It has an exclusive collection of premium works of acclaimed writers and digital zones for exploration and research are a major attraction. Terms and condition will apply for membership.