Epistemo Vikas Leadership School offers rewarding careers in teaching and non teaching positions. We are looking for highly imaginative, confident individuals who are eager to learn, adapt themselves according to different learning capability, styles of students and constantly work towards developing themselves. Good communication, inter personal skills and patience are a must, motivational and organizational skills are desirable.

Professional development :

Epistemo recognizes that teachers are facilitators.They have access to numerous professional development opportunities to sharpen their existing skills and to cultivate new ones. We recruit trained personnel passionate to innovate, work together towards the goal of collaborative, cohesive and wholesome education.


In-school workshops provide our departments with the opportunity to train their entire staff on the school premises, and to focus upon select program issues and strategies.In addition to organizing subject-specific workshops, run by industry experts we also provide a platform to our own teachers to promote their presentation skills and train their colleagues.

Online Training:

We encourage our teachers to participate in  innovative and certified online professional development workshops.

Guest lectures :

Epistemo has invited luminaries in the field of education to address our teachers about the latest in teaching practices and standards of a global education and make them ready to propagate the 21st centuary skills.

Current openings

  1. Primary teachers 3+ years experience. 
  2. Student counselor 5+ years experience.
  3. Content writer – 2+ years experience
  4. Front office executives – any graduate – preferred women candidates.

Send your resumes to careers@epistemoglobal.com