Best Pre-Schools in Hyderabad

Children are like flowers in the garden. They need to be carefully and lovingly nurtured to let them blossom and spread their unique fragrance.

At Pre-School, we believe in nurturing these young minds and help them flourish into holistic and beautiful beings. 

Toddlers are inquisitive by nature and they develop their first liaison with initial complex learning at this stage. They have an innate quest for learning by doing things themselves. We cater to their inborn curiosity by providing them with an array of valuable experience in a safe and stimulating ambience.

Our curriculum is a unique blend of three internationally recognised programs – Montessori, Gardner and Froebel that caters to the enthusiasm of our little learners allowing them to engage in relevant and meaningful learning activities that can be connected to real life.  Most of the learning is delivered on an individualised basis through a sequential and scientifically designed material that gives a multi-sensorial experience for their overall development.

Here children can develop their senses and learn through self-directed activities, collaborative play, spatial stimulation, and interactive puzzles. Through our well-planned and harmoniously integrated curriculum, we aim to achieve cognitive, physical, social, emotional development of our toddlers.

Our teaching methodology and deep immersive learning experiences result in our students being well-prepared to transition to Grade-1.

We aim to achieve the goals for our toddlers:

  • Cognitive development of the child
  • Social interaction
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Identification of things
  • Oratory skills
  • Free/imaginative play
  • Social etiquettes
  • Learning self-care
  • Interaction with other Kids