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Primary School

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At this stage, children do what they love while understanding the thin line that separates right from wrong. They gradually come out from their secured shelter and start to socialize. The young brain is stimulated through exploratory and hands-on activities which help develop cognition, language and psycho motor skills. This makes them confident observers who can absorb experiences to make relevant associations to draw accurate conclusions. Thus they begin to appreciate the importance of education by remaining interested through the flexible, thought stimulating lessons.

They can become aware of their own potentials and learn how to explore and exploit in the right direction thus moving away from vulnerability to independence. They become capable of divergent thinking through challenging experiences which allow them to grasp the various academic and non-academic areas to move well equipped into the middle school level.

Primary School Curriculum is designed to provide students with an innovative Academic Programme to build a foundation for lifelong learning. The primary school curriculum captures the interest as well as the imagination of students and integrates time – tested skills of teaching and learning, empowering them to become high-end achievers.

The Epistemo academic programme incorporates best practices of Indian and international curriculum and is well supported by infrastructure and resources. Developed by a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience, the curriculum is steeped in Indian Ethos and Tradition.

Parallel to the language curriculum is our language enrichment programme which is aimed to develop communication skills. Our programme integrates technology and the expressive arts. It offers children, multiple opportunities for public speaking and presentations as core skills of 21st-century.