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Epistemo Vikas Leadership CBSE board School

Curriculum in international school education is crucially important as it provides a framework for all the activities to be conducted in the school to achieve a desirable quality of education. The curriculum of CBSE is based on the National Curriculum Framework-2005. It has a dynamic character reflecting the changes that occur in society and global scenario. A good curriculum is one which encourages meaningful learning through regularity, sincerity, and devotion on the part of students. They should be encouraged to study regularly, sincerely with devotion and focus on gaining the deeper meaning of learning. They should make earnest efforts to acquire knowledge of the self-concept, gain a sense of enterprise, aesthetic sensibilities, and sportsmanship. In the present knowledge economy, a student can learn from many sources and should work collaboratively with peers and teachers.

CBSE envisions the all-round development of students, however, considering growing disconnect between the existing academic achievements at the secondary level in schools vis-à- vis senior secondary, the greater academic emphasis has been placed in this curriculum. Students must also be equipped with a diverse range of skills, such as creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and resilience. With this in view, the ‘Secondary School Curriculum 2017-18’ has been realigned as per remodelled assessment pattern.

The Expressive Arts form the core of the curriculum and are extensively integrated through the Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, and Dance), Visual Arts (Painting and Drawing) and Creative Arts (Craft and Origami).

Sports activities are an integral part of our curriculum and provide many opportunities for our children to learn. It prepares students to develop sporting spirit along with building self-confidence.

Lawn tennis, basketball, karate, taekwondo, chess, cricket, swimming, skating are some of the sports which are inbuilt as a regular feature in our daily learning and teaching programme. Epistemo has large, open playground with interesting play equipment that leaves many options for creativity.