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The transition from primary to middle school is a big step for any student. The children are at an age when a lot of physical, psychological and cognitive change occurs. During this time, learners usually begin to be more aware of what’s happening in the world. They start developing strong opinions, likes, and dislikes. Children may also begin to pay more attention to decision-making and to organizing ideas, time and things.

At Epistemo International School, Hyderabad, no effort is spared to ensure that the tremendous potential of the growing minds and talents of our middle-schoolers are positively and effectively harnessed.

Our carefully designed academic international curriculum ensures that our students get the opportunity to be part of happening ideas, projects, and events, often in collaboration with reputed institutions like the British Council, TCS, and HSBC.

Our teachers work round the clock to create wholesome, innovative and interesting lesson plans and assignments for the benefit of our students. Cutting-edge technology and collaboration with schools worldwide under the platform of ISA(International School Award) are all part of Epistemo Vikas Leadership CBSE & ICSE School’s on-going endeavor to give an international learning experience and a global outlook to our students.

The Expressive Arts form the core of the curriculum and are extensively integrated through the Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, and Dance), Visual Arts (Painting and Drawing) and Creative Arts (Craft and Origami).

Epistemo’s best sports activities are an integral part of our curriculum and provide many opportunities for our children to learn. It prepares students to develop sporting spirit along with building self-confidence.

Lawn tennis, basketball, karate, taekwondo, chess, cricket, swimming are some of the sports which are inbuilt as a regular feature in our daily learning and teaching programme.